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This is Hotel Kotobuki Hananosho

At the foot of Mt.Yufu, surrounded by rich local nature, The hotel Kotobuki Hananosho provides an excellent harmony with local nature. Season by season, you can experience the seasonal delicacies of local flower plants and herbs wherever you go.

More than that, our Hotel has not only traditional Japanese aspects but great western facets as well.

You can relax in natural hot spring baths, enjoy the delicacies of local seasonal Japanese food , and experience the warmness and hospitality of the Japanese people. Among many places you can enjoy with us is the attractive large Japanese garden, Noh Theater and Hotaru House. In Noh Theater, you can enjoy night plays, traditional song performance and traditional wedding ceremonies.

Our Hotel interior design and menu selections are changed every season, so we wish you can join us in your favorite season and rest in this rich nature and amenity.

All guests from around the world are welcome to enjoy an amazing and rich experience full of joy and warmness.


Yufuin no Mori train change route between Hakata and Yufu city.
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This is Hotel Kotobuki Hananosho